Faith & Miracles

Grey sky2January 31st, 2018

Faith and Miracles

I’m not even waiting for the “sunrise” this morning until I draw the drapes,

I won’t wait to see if the sun will actually break through the clouds,

finally, on this last day of January.

I know the sun will rise, it always does, every day, no matter where I am, I can count on it!

That’s called FAITH!

Just some days it is shrouded by an ashen veil, a dingy cloak pulled tightly around it,

it has been hidden from us for many “some” days now,

Soon the ever-increasing dark and dusky leaden skies releases big tear drops,

for the sun is also sad,

not only do we not see it for days on end but it does not see us,

alone in a sky of cerulean blue and vapour,

Lonely sun, don’t give up hope,

Soon it will be Spring again and we’ll dance around in the cherry blossoms that fall from the trees and pick crocus’ from the moistened dewy earth and eat strawberries we pluck from the fields.

Tiny miracles from the Divine to show us the beauty, purity and richness of Life.

Embrace it and keep your eyes out for those tiny miracles.

And no, we don’t have to wait, they’re all around us, today and everyday.

Take a look in the mirror,

whose there?

A miracle,


Erin Phelan Fletcher


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